Surfboard Constructions

Classic Construction

Classic Surfboard ConstructionCLASSIC CONSTRUCTION

  • proven technology over decades of application
  • standard for flex and response behaviour
  • easy to repair
  • clear polyester resin
  • sand or polished finish
  • High Quality Blanks from Surfblanks Australia

IX-PS Construction

IXPS Surfboard ConstructionIX-PS CONSTRUCTION

  • light and robust construction
  • IX-PS core does not absorb water
  • does not delaminate, easy to repair
  • glassed with a New Transparent Epoxy resin
  • levels of flex and response as classic boards
  • environmentally friendly methods of production

TVC Construction

TVC Surfboard ConstructionTVC CONSTRUCTION

  • most rugged construction method available
  • Sandwich Vakuum construction
  • contains Bamboo Sandwich Layer Top & Bottom
  • high gloss top coat
  • Expoy resin