Captain Puffin / G-Type 5’2

Easy Performance for lightweight surfers

Riversurfboard 5'2 G Type Classic
Riversurfboard 5'2 G Type Rocker
Riversurfboard 5'2 G Type Bottom
eco friendly riversurfboard nachhaltig rapid surfing


  Dims: 5’2 18″ 7/8 2″
  Volume: 21,1 l
  available in Classic and TVC construction
  Super Rails / Basalt Rails
  Surfblanks Australia Classic Blank
  Reinforced SANE Plugs / FCS I System
4.28″ Thruster Fin Set / FCS I System
  Wet Rub Finish

Easy flow and hard turns for lighter and smaller surfers. A little bit wider nose but overall a slim, narrow, compact shape. Hard edges allow for tight turns.

Good choice for steep, narrow and powerful waves or Citywave type of waves for surfers up to 70 kg. High acceleration out of the turns and optimal control can be achieved, even in small spaces.

  Riders weight recommendations:  G-Type-Range

 The SUPER-RAILS technology extends the lifespan of a pool or river surfboard, usually ridden between concrete walls, by quite a margin. This type of rail reinforcement does not change flex or looks of the surfboard.

Super Rails Technologie Buster Surfboards

Basalt fibers reinforced rails. Extremely tough when colliding with concrete walls. BASALT RAILS are used for all Pool or River Surfboards in TVC/Bamboo construction.

basalt surfboard rails

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