Softboard Riversurfen

Hardboard with Softshell Space Twin Puffin

A combination of a hardboard and a softboard. Actually a hardboard in a soft shell. Developed for pool and riversurfing exclusively, the shape corresponds to our hardboard Space Twin. This construction offers maximum possible softboard performance while maintaining best possible durability. Due to this construction the surfboards are as stiff and direct to ride as hardboards. We believe that these boards are the best performing softboards for rapid, pool & riversurfing on the market.

softboard riversurfen rapidsurfboard
softboard-riversurfen rapidsurfboard bottom

This shape offers a new approach in river surfing and can be classified as Performance Alternative Shape. The board generates a lot of speed and allows for style oriented high performance surfing.

softboard-riversurfboard rapid surfing

The top side of this board is slightly concave for reduced thickness better grip and feel. The shape covers a very wide range of use and is particularly suitable for surfers who regularly surf waves in both the “powerful” and “medium” wave classifications.

The Construction

Only the highest grade materials are used in building this surfboard.

The board is made of an EPS foam core, the top laminated with 2 x 6oz fiberglass and a sandwich wood layer, which make the boards resilient to pressure dings. The bottom is laminated with 2 x 4oz fiberglass. The IXPE soft top layer has a Crocodile Emboss structure, making waxless surfing possible. The HDPE bottom layer is extra impact resistant.

softboard riversurfen logo
softboard riversurfen tail bottom

With the fin setup we went in a new direction. Instead of the usual thruster setup, the Space Twin series has a twin fin + stabilizer setup. Whether you want to ride the shape as a twin fin or as a twin fin with a small center fin is up to your personal taste.

Instead of laminated fin boxes we use “through the deck” softfin FCS I plugs. These can be equipped with soft fins, composite fins or fiber reinforced fins. If a fin box gets damaged, it can be replaced in a few simple steps.

The Range of Use

We have already tested the Space Twin Shape on all major rapid, pool and- river waves. The alternative performance shape results in a very wide range of use.

4’10 Space Twin riders weight
weak wave
30-45 kg
medium wave
40-65 kg
powerful wave
55-75 kg

weak: Plattling, Bremgarten, …
medium: Floßlände, Almkanal, Cunovo (CZ)
powerful: Eisbach, Citywave, UNIT Wave

5’0 Space Twin riders weight
weak wave
35-50 kg
medium wave
50-75 kg
powerful wave
70-90 kg

weak: Plattling, Bremgarten, …
medium: Floßlände, Almkanal, Cunovo (CZ)
powerful: Eisbach, Citywave, UNIT Wave


  Available Sizes: 4’10” & 5’0″
  4’10” x 19″ 1/8 x 1″ 5/8 @ 23,7 liter
  5’0″ x 19 3/4″ x 1″ 5/8 @ 25,1 liter
  Resin & Core: Epoxy, EPS Foam Core
  Construction: Sandwich / Wood / Fiberglas
  Waxless “crocodile emboss” Softtop
  Impact Resistant HDPE Bottom Layer
  Fin Setup: FCS I Twin + Stabiliser