Hard Skin Versatile Softboard

Since 2023 we are offering the Puffy Puffin pool and river softboard series for beginners and intermediate surfers. The boards are handmade out of extremely durable materials making them an excellent choice for surfers of all skill levels in board eating waves like Floßlände in Munich or the waves in Nuernberg or Hannover.

riverboard anfaenger softboard bottom

The construction, shape and fin setup were exclusively developed for the requirements of pool and river surfers and meet the highest demands. The board shapes are similar to our performance hardboards.

The Shapes

We have 20 years of experience in shaping performance hardboards for standing waves. Outline and rockerline were chosen for offering an optimum compromise between performance and stability. With a little bit more nose rocker the boards react more forgiving to riders mistakes and won´t nose dive so quickly. The shapes cover a very wide range of use and are suitable for waves with a “weak”, “medium”, or “powerful” classification, depending on surfers body weight of course.

riversurfen softboard flosslände leinewelle

The Construction

The softboards come with a HDPE top and bottom layer, combined with shaped particularly soft and robust PE rails. This results in a ride that comes close to hardboards. The board features a double multilayer composite / wood stringer in combination with a 100% waterproof X-Density EPS core. In our opinion this is the best softboard construction on the market without additional fiberglass laminates.

softboard riversurfen logo flosslände münchen
softboard riversurfen tail

The thruster setup can be ridden as a twin, as a twin with a small center fin or as regular thruster, giving the surfer more options to fine tune the board.  For the best performance we recommend riding the board with hard side fins and a small center fin. Beginners should use the supplied soft fins.

Instead of laminated fin boxes we use “through the deck” softfin FCS I plugs. All fins compatible with the FCS I system fit these boxes. Should a finbox get damaged it can be replaced in a few simple steps.

The Range of Use

We have already tested the Puffy Puffin shapes in all relevant pool and river waves

4’8 Puffy Puffin riders weight
weak wave
35-50 kg
medium wave
45-70 kg
powerful wave
60-80 kg
5’2 Puffy Puffin riders weight
weak wave
40-55 kg
medium wave
55-80 kg
powerful wave
75-95 kg
5’5 Puffy Puffin riders weight
weak wave
50-75 kg
medium wave
70-90 kg
powerful wave


  Available Sizes: 4’8″, 5’2″ & 5’5″
  4’8″ x 19″ x 2″ 3/8 @ 26 liter
  5’2″ x 20″ x 2″ 1/2 @ 34 liter
  5’5″ x 21″1/2 x 2″ 5/8 @ 36 Liter
  100% Waterproof X-Density EPS Foam Core
  Light blue slick HDPE bottom & top
  Black shaped PE Rails
  Reinforced multilayered composite double stringer
  Fin Setup: FCS I Softflex Fins