Pool & Riversurfboards

Riversurfboard Eisbach Citywave Jochen Schweizer

Kids Riversurfsurfboard Citywave

K-Type: 4’11”, 18”1/4, 2” 1/8

Radical shape for girls & groms
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Riversurfboard 5'0 FX-Type

FX-Type: 5’0”, 19”, 2” 1/4

Versatile wide shape for lightweights
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Riversurfboard Eisbach 5'2 G-Type

G-Type: 5’2 18” 7/8 2”

Hybrid nose & arched tail for speed & control
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Buster Riversurfboard Fish

F-Type: 5’2 19” 1/2 2”1/8

River Fish, speed meets response
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Buster Riversurfboard double Wing Tail Top

FX-Type: 5’3 20” 2”3/8

Spotboard meets versatility
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Surfboard Citywave Unit Wave 5'4 P-Type

P-Type: 5’4”, 18” 3/4, 2” 1/8

Citywave & Unit Wave | Experts only
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Riversurfboard 5'4 Eisbach C-Type

C-Type: 5’4”, 19” 1/4, 2” 1/4 mehr info

Shape for fast lines & hard tricks
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Riversurfboard 5'5 Eisbach Citywave T-Type

T-Type: 5’5”, 19” 1/2, 2” 1/8

Hybrid nose & arched tail for speed & control
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Breites Riversurfboard Buster C2-Type

C2-Type: 5’6”, 19” 7/8 , 2” 3/8

Versatile wide tail Shape
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Riversurfboard 5'6 Riversurf FX-Type

FX-Type: 5’6”, 21”, 2” 1/2

Versatility for big guys or weak waves
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Buster Surfboards offers river surfboards and surfboards for pool surfing on standing waves (Rapidsurfing) for all skill levels, wave strengths, riding styles and wave characteristics. Our surfboard range includes surfboards for waves like the Eisbach, Floßlände, Citywave (Jochen Schweizer Arena, Hasewelle, Wellenwerk, Oana Wave, Urbansurf, FLOW Moscow …), Unit Wave ( Langenfeld, Wake Paradise Milano), Cunovo, Almwelle and The Riverwave.

On riverwaves or pool waves in Citywave or Unit Wave construction you are able to surf shorter boards with less volume then in the ocean.We developed special outlines, rockerlines and tailshapes for our boards to fit in these special conditions. Buster Surfboards brings more than 20 years of experience in developing surfboards for pool & riverwaves and offers the widest range of shapes in the market. We also offer unique technologies like our „ SUPERRAILS“ surfboard rail reinforcement technology, which protects the surfboard rails against dings.