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custom shape Surfboard 1custom shape Surfboard 2 custom shape Surfboard 3 custom shape Surfboard 4custom shape Surfboard 5custom shape Surfboard 6custom shape Surfboard 7custom shape Surfboard 8Looking for a custom hand shaped board to your specs? We do that. The examples to the left are boards that we have custom shaped for other surfers. To help you decide what kind of board it is you want, please read the following informations. This should serve to help you have a better understanding of all the options available that go into the shaping of your custom surfboard.

The Shaper

Surfboard Shaper

In generally Buster Surfboards custom shapes will be shaped of Bill Attlee.

This shaper has over 15 years experience in shaping and have already shaped thousends of surfboards.

Amongst others Bill is shaping for brands like Hot Buttered, Tiki, O’Shea, Tubes and Escape.

Surfboard Shapes

Surfboard Shapes
What’ll it be? Retro Fish, Fish, Shortboard, Egg, Hybrid, mini-Malibu, Longboard, Noserider? Or something exotic like a single-fin diamond tail or a Wombat? Are you a professional and know exactly, what measurements, which rails, deck contour and bottom design you’d like? Or would you just like to choose the basic shape, give us your weight, height, and skill level?

If you have any questions or if you need support just contact our customer service team.


Airbrush Surfboard
Sure, a completely white board has its attractive purity, but if you want an individual board, then why not choose your original artwork. In theory you can have any design on the board you want. For the simpler designs our airbrusher sprays your desires onto the board.

If its more complicated, simply send us the artwork data and our DTP professional will print the motive on a very thin material, which is then laminated into the board.

Surfboard Blanks

Surfboard BlanksWe offer several high quality blanks. Teccel is one of the best top-quality European blanks. Homeblown offers high-end “green blanks”, which cause less environmental impact during their production. US Blanks is a company created by former managers and technicians of Clark Foam. Its “Blue” blank corresponds to the legendary “Clark Foam stock density” quality.

Also you can choose IX-PS Foam Blanks. The IX-PS construction is a novel form of expanded polystyrene, which is used as a core material combined with a transparent epoxy resin.

Glass, Resin & Finish

Glassing Surfboard
We exclusively use Hexcel glass. The standard is 4 + 4 oz. on top and 4 oz. on the bottom. We can gladly add a 6 oz. layer or use patches for specific areas. As for the resins, there is the choice between Silmar Resin Resin (very hard and rigid) or Reichold Resin (more memory & flex).

On the top coat of the boards we offer sand finish, pro finish (a noble,silky matte finish) or a polished finish. A speciality is to work with tinted resins giving a unique look. This is particularly popular for the Retro shapes.

Fin System Options

Surfboard Fins
Apart from the choice of the fin setups (Thruster, Quad, Longboard, Single Fin, Retro Keel Twin or Quad Fins) you have the choice of the fin system as well. We offer the world-wide most popular FCS system, the Future Fins system.

We also recommend the new FCS Fusion Plugs, this system is less susceptible to plug damage and also fits to the regular FCS Fin Range.


Contrary to our stock boards, there is no set price list for our custom boards. The price depends on so many factors, that we calculate each board individually and make you an offer.

The price starts at about 450€ for a shortboard with an very easy airbrush design and Future Fins and ranges up to approx. 2000€ for a Balsawood core Longboard (upon request).