Board Bog Ding Repair Putty

Temporäre Ding Repair Lösung, 100 % Travel Save
Wenige Exemplare auf Lager - schnell bestellen!
Board Bog ist eine temporäre Ding Repair Lösung mit der man kleinere Beschädigungen in sekundenschnelle schliessen kann.

Board Bog is a revolutionary new 'ding' repair product that will fix any type of board (surfboards, SUP’s, sail boards, knee boards, fiberglass kite boards).

  • it is totally frictionless when wet!
  • it will stay stuck to your board in all conditions!
  • it pulls off with minimal residue if you want a professional fix!
  • There is no sanding or drying time with Board Bog, as soon as you finish applying it you can surf it. Just apply, smooth the edges down with your finger and get back in the water.

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