Buster Side Bites / Quad Rear Finnen (für FCS I)

Seitenfinnen für das 2+1 Finnen Setup oder als Quad Rear Finnen
Wenige Exemplare auf Lager - schnell bestellen!
FCS I kompatible composite Longboard Seitenfinnen / Quad Rear Finnen

Eurofin Nylon Polyamide fins produce a cost conscious line of FCS Icompatible surfboard fins and fin accessories designed for a variety of wave conditions. They are tough, have just the right amount of flex are well made and are great as a spare set or a replacement fin.

High performance traditional longboard side bite designed to add speed, stability and control. Suitable for use in longboards, SUP's or as quad rears. - Great fins at a great price

  • Base: 3.86"
  • Depth: 3.93"
  • Area: 11.07"²

    Farbe: Natural composite
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