FCS II Compatibility Infill Kit

FCS I Finnen in FCS II Plugs benutzen
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The Infills are used to fill the gap between the front of the FCS II plug slot and dual tab fins

The Infills are made from highly durable siclone rubber, that are corrosive resistant and will not damge the fins or plugs.

Pack Includes:

  • 4 x Side Infills
  • 1 x Centre Infill
  • 10 x Grub Screws
  • Shapers Fin Key

    How to Insert FCS II Infills:

    1. Choose the correct silcone infil (on the bottom of the infil it will say "Side" for the side or rail plug or "Centre" for the centre or rear plug
    2. Insert the front of the Infil (the side with the semi circle cut out) into the front of the box
    3. Insert your fins
    4. Screw the grub screws in
    5. Go surfing
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